APE Response (The Outsiders)

Growing up in the Past or the Present both have some pros and cons as responsibility means taking actions of your faults and being a role model to others as well as being kind and respectful to everyone. Some non-examples and examples of responsibility include, for one in present times because of things like video games kids are becoming lazy and not doing what they have been asked to do, which is basically a non-example of responsibility. But also in Present times some kids are very responsible so it all kind of balances out. And also in the Past there weren’t anything like video games to keep kids occupied so they may do irresponsible things. But this like Present times there were some responsible kids and some irresponsible kids as well.  


The book, “The Outsiders” is a very good example of responsibility as it is about a couple of kids, some young, some old whose parents died at a young age so they had to live by themselves and try to manage. This book includes lots of responsible moves by the kids and the other characters but also some very irresponsible moves too. As the book goes on you learn about how characters like Johnny and PonyBoy run away, Johnny ending up dying, and some of the other kids dying as well.

Some of the most significant signs of responsibility include when Johnny, Dally, and PonyBoy saved those kids from the burning church. This shows responsibility because the fire was most likely because of the matches that PonyBoy and Johnny had purchased or there cigarettes so they kind of took responsibility of the fire by rescuing the kids. Another sign of responsibility is when Darry and Soda both got jobs to keep PonyBoy in school to get the best potential out of him. This is showing responsibility because they are basically taking responsibility for their actions because they dropped out of school because they didn’t want Ponyboy doing the same thing. But throughout the book there were also a lot of of irresponsible actions involved. One being Soda dropping out of school. This was irresponsible because schooling is important and he would of got a much better job to keep Pony boy in school if he would of kept at it. Another non-example of responsibility is all of the shoplifting that went on throughout the book. The responsible thing to do instead of shoplifting would have been to save up enough money to buy whatever they wanted.

Therefore as said above, growing up in the past and the present both have there challenges like how in the book it tells you about how people used responsibility in the past and also were irresponsible in the past. The present people can be responsible and irresponsible but Catholics should live faith and be responsible as Jesus did when he died on the cross.


2 thoughts on “APE Response (The Outsiders)

  1. Hi Brady I just wanted to take the time to comment on Amazing use of descriptive words in your first paragraph.
    All of the descriptive words kept me reading to an interested rate until the very end.
    All the best in your next post, Keep up the good work Brady!

  2. I like the reason of both the time periods have there own challenges of both of them.I also like you’re introduction and how you explained how they have both cons and pros.

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