Week #7, activity #6

Week #7

Hello fellow bloggers, today I will be writing about if the electricity grid went out in my country, how would my lifestyle change? How would I relax? This post is Week #7, activity #6 of the student blogging challenge.

If the electricity grid went out in my country my lifestyle would change a lot. I would loose things like television, Xbox, telephones, computer… Whenever I got bored these things would not be there to keep me entertained. This would also make it hard to relax. Instead I think that I would use things like Board games, and outdoor activities. I spend a lot of time playing outdoors activities already with electricity available but I usually don’t play board games.

I hope that you enjoyed my post. For my comments today I challenge you guys to comment about what you would do if your electricity grid went out in your country, how your lifestyle would change? what you would do to relax? Also leave me a like and a subscribe to keep the posts coming.

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