Week #7, activity #3

Week #7

Hello fellow bloggers, today I will be writing about if my family was stranded on a deserted island, and how would we entertain ourselves. This post is week #7, activity #3 of the student blogging challenge

First of all i’m almost positive that this wouldn’t happen but it is a good question. It all depends on what kind of island that were stranded on. If it was a Southern island then we could probably swim. But if it was a Northern island it would kind of limit our swimming time. I would probably try to make games like x and o’s on the sand. I would use the resources provided to get the best of the situation.

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One thought on “Week #7, activity #3

  1. Hey Brady,
    First of all congratulations on making the Student Blogging Challenge Magazine and Nice work! I like how you said at the end of paragraph two “I would use the resources provided to get the best of the situation.” It really explained the situation at the island. Keep up the Great Work!

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